Cosmonaut Coffee Co. Serving Verve Coffee Roasters in Tacoma, WA.

Welcome Stadium District as well as all of tacoma to Cosmonaut Coffee, the only place in Tacoma to get Verve coffees & espresso prepared to what we believe to be its fullest potential. Our baristas are top-notch, friendly & knowledgeable, constantly leaning and eager to share and teach.  We carry a full assortment of freshly roasted, single origin, Direct Trade & organic whole bean coffees. Currently we are serving verve, but with the addition of a second thermally regulated espresso grinder  We will definitely experimenting with other top shelf roasters and their single origin espressos. also new to the equipment line-up this week is a malkoenig ekk 43 dual hopper bulk grinder andna a new Synesso Cyncra 2 group espresso machine, so give us a minute to dial everything in and you can expect an even better espresso andnpourover experience at our shop. we have a full menu of espresso beverages, coffees , loose leaf teas, Gluten Free pastries, snacks, non caffeinated drinks, roasting equipment and limited vegan food items. We've won best coffee in Tacoma a bunch of years in a row & we never stop trying to improve our game., expand our knowledge base and replace old ideas with new/better ideas, methods or even huge, expensive equipment upgrades. So our coffee production and presentation should always be evolving so you can expect only the best from us at Cosmonaut.  Plus its a super cute, fun place to hang out: we  have a spectacular view of Wright Park and are dog and kid friendly. feel free to bring your well behaved puppies and mild mannered children in, we've got free treats for everyone either on a leash or in a stroller, we love it! we are friendly, coffees great and ever improving and we are down to earth nice folks, too.